Learning the Terminal in Jaguar, Part 2
Subject:   "can not chdir"
Date:   2003-04-04 17:24:51
From:   anonymous2
Response to: "can not chdir"

The problem you are having is most likely the result of incorrect permissions on /usr/sbin/sendmail. The sendmail program is supposed to set group id not set user id.

Try ls -l /usr/sbin/sendmail. If the permissions listed at the beginning of the line are: -r-sr-xr-x that is your problem.

To fix it, issue the following commands:

chmod u-s /usr/sbin/sendmail
chmod g+s /usr/sbin/sendmail

After this an ls -l /sendmail should show permissions as:

-r-xr-sr-x 1 root smmsp 584888 Feb 22 16:53 /usr/sbin/sendmail

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