Homemade Dot-Mac with OS X
Subject:   error trying to open my page
Date:   2003-04-06 16:20:45
From:   anonymous2
hello, I use a client software from the no-ip website itself, the sync with the service seems to be alright. yet, my browser opens a window asking for a password to open my site with this text: "The name or password entered for area ?Login to the Router Web Configurator? on was incorrect. Please try again."
My mac is connected to a local server in the building through a ethernet connection. i have no access to the server.
also, when i start my apache web server my web sharing stays grey (not blue, like the ftp access box, for example) and keeps on showing web sharing starting up: also, i cannot turn it down, if I want...

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  1. error trying to open my page
    2003-06-26 13:38:21  anonymous2 [View]

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