Top 12 Reasons to Write Unit Tests
Subject:   Excellent Article!
Date:   2003-04-08 20:10:02
From:   tw33t2
I wish all developers would see the widsom in writing unit tests. For 8 years I worked in a group that did write unit tests. Most developers said the found more problems writing the tests than running them, because writing the tests would cause them to slow down and design the function for ease of testing. This made the code very easy to maintain.
I just moved to a new group recently, and as I have found out they don't write unit tests and the code STINKS! They use the excuse that they don't have time to write the tests, but they don't see all the time that is wasted (hours and hours) hunting down bugs and the poor software quality. Adding new features and maintaining the code is a nightmare! The worst part is the poor design. Unit tests force the developer to have good design. When I see a 2000 line function that has conditionals nested 10 levels deep, with code that is never executed, you know it was never unit tested.
Great article! Thanks!