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  Top 12 Reasons to Write Unit Tests
Subject:   Testing is a wrong way ...
Date:   2003-04-09 06:42:56
From:   burke_e
Response to: Testing is a wrong way ...

We never said that tests prove the absence of errors. I will say that tests reduce the number of errors, improve code quality, and help avoid regressions - i.e. re-introducing bugs that were previously fixed.

A blanket statement like "Testing is a wrong way" is incredibly negative and is not constructive. What is the alternative? No tests, as is done in many organizations? I don't think so.

Tests are one piece of a much bigger puzzle - they don't solve every problem, but you'll have a lot more problems if you don't bother to write tests.

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  1. Testing is a wrong way ...
    2003-04-29 05:57:18  anonymous2 [View]

  2. Testing is a wrong way ...
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  3. Testing is a wrong way ...
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    • Testing is a solution, not THE solution
      2003-04-09 09:57:29  anonymous2 [View]

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