Python and Apache
Subject:   Please replace this article with one by a Python advocate
Date:   2003-04-11 05:56:22
From:   anonymous2
A recent survey of Python Web development frameworks had over twenty entries. The author might find it informative to look at mod_python, a module for integrating Python to Apache. The Zope server can be run standalone, or as a Apache plugin with fastcgi. Some of the more popular web (actually with Python these are also object sharing server) frameworks written in Python include Twisted, Quixote and WebWare.

The author missing an important point about Python. It is extremely easy to learn the language. As he illustrated, it is possible to be productive from the first hour you use it. Please show me someone who could write a meaningful program that interfaces with a database and a web server in less than an hour in any other language. With perl you would still be looking up the meaning of $^, or some other obscure "feature" of the language.

The author suggests indentation as a method for block notation would get tiresome. To the contrary, those who complain loudly about it eventually sheepishly eat their words. It's great fun to see this transformation in their view of the language feature.

If the use of indentation is the worst thing you can say about a language doesn't that suggest something? Indentation of blocks is considered good coding style. A language that enforces good style seems like a good idea.