Python and Apache
Subject:   Nonsense re: indentation & usability for CGI
Date:   2003-04-11 07:13:36
From:   anonymous2
I wish people that have never tried Python for more than 10 minutes would stop writing articles about it. Any Python user knows the indentation "thing" goes away as a "problem" with maybe 4 hours of experience, tops. It's an advantage, not a disadvantage as anyone that's actually used Python well knows.

Also, Python is widely used for both CGI and in general for web apps. It works extremely well for this and has rich standard library support appropriate to this domain.

One last criticism: This article inherits the writer's inexperience with Python and makes Python sound hokey. Not so. Python is a mature and extremely powerful language used in major companies for large projects. The New York Stock Exchange, Google, Philips, Nasa, Rackspace, ILM, Disney, HP, IBM, AstraZeneca and many others use Python extensively.

For details on how Python is really used and what it really can do read this:

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