Build Your Own Apache Server with mod_perl
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Date:   2003-04-12 17:12:04
From:   anonymous2
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Here is an email conversation with the above author.

The +<name> syntax is the darwinports syntax for executing a variant of
a port, so 'port install vim +x11' might install vim with the XFree86
stuff compiled in. In the case of apache there is a variant called
mod_perl (mod_perl_expt has gone away, it is no longer experimental as
the patches to make it work properly are in the main apache source tree

At the moment mod_perl is only available as a variant of the apache port
in darwinports and only as a static module. I'll probably get around to
making a dynamic module (and some others) that will be separate ports.

The layout used in darwinports is essentially the FreeBSD layout, where
there is a /opt/local/www dir which contains the CGI and document roots.
the Apache configuration files are in /opt/local/etc/apache and the
binaries are in /opt/local/bin and /opt/local/sbin.

I haven't tested this port with the perl install as described on, it should work afaik, but I don't know for sure.

ONe thing to bear in mind, I just broke the perl5.8 port trying to make
it cleaner, it should be fixed soon, but likely not in the next day or
two. (If you do decide to put a perl in /opt/local.



Useful heh? This was posted 4/12/03