Python and Apache
Subject:   Not freeware. Open source.
Date:   2003-04-14 15:48:55
From:   anonymous2
I think the author of this article is getting enough punishment but I have to add something.

Python is not freeware. Is Open Source, Free Software or whichever you would like to call it but is not freeware.

Regarding the lack of an index.html in the html docs you should look better. It's there. And besides, the Python documentation is superb.

The author says:
"If the indentation is out of whack by just one space, the code may fail in some mysterious way."

Python says:
"IndentationError: unindent does not match any outer indentation level"
This doesn't look very mysterious, don't you think?.

And last, why the the heck the author is importing directly _mysql module instead of the correct one MySQLdb?.