Understanding Classloaders: log4j in a J2EE Environment
Subject:   this is not an o'reilly quality article
Date:   2003-04-15 02:36:45
From:   anonymous2
Response to: this is not an o'reilly quality article

I do not know what is O'Reilly Quality sepcifications. But I did not understand the purpose of writing this article. If it is regarding class-loaders, the author says, it is big topic, and is outside the scope. If it is regarding J2EE-log4j integration, I think not even 20% of the issues of log4j in J2EE application are discussed (Clustering, Multiple weblogic instances on single machine, EJB and web app deployed separate etc. etc) More than 30% of the text is on setup of weblogic-log4j. The author has given a link to Weblogic class-loader mechanism, which is very much self explanatory.

So please anybody tell me what is this article for ???

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  1. this is not an o'reilly quality article
    2003-04-17 20:41:07  gvix [View]

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