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Subject:   dp independent interface?
Date:   2003-04-15 06:11:08
From:   hmerrill
First off I have to say that I find this article very interesting, and have downloaded the example so I can refer to it for an upcoming project I'm going to work on.

It's been probably a year and a half since I last used PHP for web dev, but when I did, I found that there was no "standard" database independent interface, so I ended up writing my own.

I see in this example that you use MySQL specific database calls, so I'm curious to know *why*. I realize it's easiest to just write code to *one* database, but it would be much more portable to write code to a database independent interface, so that changing to a different database would be trivial. Isn't there a "standard" database independent interface (like Perl's "DBI") for PHP yet? And if there is, why didn't you use it?


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  1. dp independent interface?
    2003-04-26 22:21:28  Daniel Smith | [View]

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