PHP and Heredocs
Subject:   Why not use php-style instead of perlish (2)?
Date:   2003-04-15 09:48:25
From:   javajoint
Response to: Why not use php-style instead of perlish (2)?

Yes, I completely agree. I think you meant to reply to a different message in the thread, but I know what you mean.

My first exposure to heredocs was in the early 1980's, writing csh scripts. It's one thing missing in C/C++ that I really would have enjoyed having from time to time. Come to think of it, it would have been nice in Java, Javascript, and Tcl too.

A few languages supporting heredocs:

One of many things I like about heredocs is that using them is much less cluttered than a series of print/echo statements. It allows me to better concentrate on the content within the heredoc, such as an email message, a help blurb, or anything else that tends to be multiline.

> Please drop by "" and read Ed Summer's article "Paying Homage to Perl (PHP) " in V.0-I.7

Interestingly, that PDF file contains an article "Separating Code, Presentation, and Configuration -- brian d foy" which makes use of heredocs in Perl :-)

Daniel Smith