Python and Apache
Subject:   Indenting "Cute"
Date:   2003-04-15 11:35:58
From:   anonymous2
"This may have seemed a cute idea when Python was first conceived, but I imagine it might get a bit tiresome."

You may not agree with or like the use of indentation to define block structure, but the decision to make white space significant was not based on cuteness. It was well and carefully thought out, and decided upon because it makes code easier to read. Programs of almost any size should be indented anyway, and getting rid of brackets cuts down on visual noise.

I indent all my code anyway (or let my editor do it) and I have no problems with it. In fact, I prefer it. My experience mirrored Eric Raymond's:

"Oddly enough, Python's use of whitespace stopped feeling unnatural after about twenty minutes. I just indented code, pretty much as I would have done in a C program anyway, and it worked." (Source: