Python and Apache
Subject:   I was going to buy the book this weekend.
Date:   2003-04-16 06:50:09
From:   count0
But if this is the same level of research and quality of writing that the book contains, the book is a waste of paper. Rather than actually taking a day or two to evaluate the software he hacks together a script (which does real work), and then declares that python isn't perl or c.

Interesting observation.

Then rather than saying "Look I did real work in a new language in an hour that involved multiple areas of technology!", he said indenting is boring.

I wish ORA made all of their authors do extensive articles about topics in the author's books so we can judge the quality of the author before we shell out forty bucks at borders or bn. You should advertise it like "find out if this author sucks with his online article repository at http://..."

It might even make the authors make sure that they are beyond a novice in a technology before evaluating and presenting an athorative opinion on it.