Handling Multiple Submits
Subject:   this does not solve the problem
Date:   2003-04-16 07:02:33
From:   anonymous2
the problem occurs often when inserting rows in a dabatase etc.

the solutions in this article are not sufficient

A) javascript: may be deactivated, what about the refresh button?

B) sessions: you can' t use sessions any more, because you always expect a new session to do the form action! Also its impossible to use the form later in your app...

the idea seams nice:

0) user on form-page clicks button

1) servlet checks a (POST or GET) form-request

2) if its new: do the action; if not: do nothing

3) then send a redirect to another page

4) browser submits a new GET request

5) browser gets a result page

6) refresh button gives this result page
back button goes back to form page (!)

next problem: how do you prepare the result page? you have to attach the result to the session ...

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  1. this does not solve the problem
    2003-05-26 09:22:01  anonymous2 [View]

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