The IDEs of Mac
Subject:   J2ME in OS X, a light at the end of the tunnel
Date:   2003-04-16 13:54:44
From:   anonymous2
Well, it was time to see some J2ME-OS X-availability developments... Now, finally, one can use Michael Powers MIDP 1.0.3 port to compile and emulate applications on the Mac, without the need for the faulty VPC...

Just head to and download it .... just remember you need X11 (or other "Windows Manager") to use this (the emulator works *****).

What is missing?
Apple's and Sun's effort, for what i matter, are fundamental.
A fully supported version would be most welcome...

Meanwhile, i was trying to see if anyone with Ant experience would help me build an Ant target so that, with INTELIJJ's IDEA (, i believe), all could be managed with ease...