Implementing BIND on Mac OS X
Subject:   That anonymous poster is back! : )
Date:   2003-04-16 20:53:50
From:   anonymous2

Sorry for being so hard last time, but I believe if you are going to set up something like BIND you should do it correctly and let people know about all the options.

Yes maybe I was a bit unfair in saying you didn't consider the security options when you did take zone transfer into consideration (which a lot of people don't when they first set it up). Thanks for following up and providing the details on recursion so that people understand what they have to do.

The only other points I would make beside rndc (again) would be that you do not use /var/named at all for your config files. If you make bind9 in /usr/local/ your conf files and zones should be in there as well (eg: /usr/local/var/named). Although it is normal practice on many other systems to use /var/named it would be wise to make your own directories, conf and zone files and not touch the Apple supplied files. This way if they change them, you don't have to worry about them altering/deleting your files.

For people who are setting up BIND9 they should make sure they have the BIND 9 Administrator Reference Manual ( as this will answer a lot of questions and has good examples in it.

Also the mailing list archives are a good place to search in case you get stuck and I am also on there as well.

Just some extra thought.