Soldiers Renege on Hackers
Subject:   Friendly Fire isn't the only issue unresolved...
Date:   2003-04-19 08:34:52
From:   anonymous2
Try softwood lumber agreement... Probably none of the tech savvy people out there have heard but it's big news here in B.C. The yankee gov't claims that Canada is funding forestry which would be against NAFTA. This is a misunderstanding. The majority of land in Canada is owned by the government. So when loggers go out to cut down trees, there doing it on "Crown Land." Because they are taking something of value from the land the government charges them a fee based on the amount of wood that they get. As seems reasonable the government can charge whatever they like. Across the 49th, land is privately owned and bid upon by different companies so this stumpage fee is often quite higher than it is in Canada, however washington actually provides cash for road-building to the land (loggers have to build their own roads in Canada). So it could be said that the opposite is true. This does nothing to stop the yanks from charging close to 30% tarrif (which gets given to the american lumber industry) with plans to raise it to close to 50%. The NAFTA oversight body, the WTO, and other applicable world bodies as well as the US courts agree that this is against the free trade agreement between our two great nations, but does it change american policy? Nope, they take whatever they like, whenever they like, from whoever they like. That's why I as a Canadian am against they war in Iraq. You say it's not about oil but where's the weapons of mass distruction? Why don't you want to make use of the international community in rebuilding Iraq? "I am sick and tired of lies and deception!" (-- GW Bush on Hussein) -- Chris Moore on american international terrorism.