Soldiers Renege on Hackers
Subject:   people whining about Theo's big mouth
Date:   2003-04-19 12:54:33
From:   anonymous2
I am so sick of this! Everyone know that the most dangerous person in charge of anything is the least qualified. Disagree with an opinion of theirs, and you're taking your economic well-being into your own hands. Those idiots that pulled the funding are probably the very same people that would do ANYTHING to hold onto their positions, Else, they'd be asking "Would you like freedom fries with that?"
Remember, just because they're in charge, doesn't mean thy're intelligent. I can't think of any reason an intelligent person would become involved in politics, other than to expose them for the inept flunkies they are, or to just generally clean house.
Hack on, Theo. Keep up the good work.