Lycoris: A Linux OS Good for Grandma
Subject:   Lycoris or Linux
Date:   2003-04-19 18:01:33
From:   masinick
Response to: Lycoris or Linux

I'm a bit biased in my response; I have been volunteering for Lycoris since March 2002, and a part time employee since July 2002. But I became a volunteer, then an employee, because I really believed in what Lycoris is doing.

If you try to compare Lycoris straight up with other Linux distros, it never wins that battle, but that's not at all what it's about. Lycoris is all about bringing a simple, straightforward desktop system to the typical consumer. Linux heavies will probably be disappointed, unless they're looking for a nice design, as I was, rather than tons of applications.

When I want lots of applications, I use Libranet, a complete Debian GNU/Linux system, and when I just want a simple, reliable, asthetically pleasing desktop system, I use Lycoris Desktop/LX.

I first became sold on Desktop/LX in February 2002, when my laptop computer, which had been dual booting Windows 98 and Red Hat Linux lost its hard drive to age and a head crash. I was already using quite a few Linux distros every day, and probably spending well over 50% of my total time on those systems, but I was using Windows 98 Second Edition with Outlook Express and Internet Explorer as my daily communication tools and Microsoft Word to manage my resume.

When the disk failed, I took my Dell Dimension 4100 desktop system, which had been running mainly Linux distros (as many as eight of them) as my test system, and made it into both a test system and a daily desktop system. I decided to run an experiment and use Linux exclusively as my desktop system for three months, and use Windows only to help someone else or compare features, never to operate my daily tasks.

I chose Lycoris Desktop/LX as my test OS on which to create my home desktop environment. Not only was I satisfied with it, I found it completely satisfactory. I did, however, occasionally find minor problems with it and contacted the company. It was through those contacts that I was given the opportunities, first to volunteer, then to work for the company on a part time basis. I was sold on the concept first, and I still am. I'd like to see somebody put a serious investment into our work so that we can accelerate what we're doing, but I'm glad that we don't greatly outspend and overextend ourselves. We're small, we do a good job, and we're most interested in getting it right. That's why I became, first a customer, then a believer, then a volunteer, then an employee.