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  Build Your Own Apache Server with mod_perl
Subject:   which Perl directory structure to choose? Apple or standard?
Date:   2003-04-21 08:00:26
From:   Theory
Response to: which Perl directory structure to choose? Apple or standard?

I think that, by default, it will use the Apple Perl directory structure. This will effectively replace Perl 5.6.0 on your system. Most experienced Perl users on Mac OS X don't recommend this, however, as there are system scripts that rely on Perl 5.6.0, and if you don't remove all of the existing C-based Perl 5.6.0 modules, you're much more likely to run into dyld errors. I personally install it in /usr/local and completely ignore the old Perl. If you decide to install Perl in /usr/local, however, I strongly recommend that you compile and install another library, such as exapt, in that directory tree, first. That way, Perl will see that the appropriate lib and include directories exist when you try to compile Perl modules that rely on those directories, such as XML::Parser.