The Dynamic Duo of PEAR::DB and Smarty
Subject:   Um...
Date:   2003-04-21 11:52:41
From:   anonymous2
People's comments about smarty's speed are misleading. If you look at smarty's benchmarks (the ones they programmed), smarty falls somewhere in the middle of the road. If you want speed, smarty simply is not the way to go. It takes an extreme amount of time for php to interpret the huge classes included (which are required EVEN IF the template has already been "compiled" - which seems to make the compiling step pretty pointless). Check their benchmarks, you may be surprised (and those are even with a php script caching solution like phpAccelerator - if you aren't using one, seriously reconsider using smarty).

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  1. Um...
    2003-04-23 20:04:59  jcpm [View]

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