Soldiers Renege on Hackers
Subject:   It just proves...
Date:   2003-04-22 08:22:46
From:   idarwin
Response to: It just proves...

>It is a huge concession for DARPA to even allow the use of code developed by a Canadian based company.

Oh, you can be sure DOD will go on using OpenBSD, because it's better than what's out there.

The people making those decisions don't have to be guided by petty politics. And, since OpenBSD is truly free software, they don't have to be guided by petty budget cuts either. Even though they snubbed the project, they can (and will) continue using the project's free software. Try cancelling a multi-million-dollar deal with a big American software company and then continuing to use their product without paying for it.

P.S. OpenBSD is not "a Canadian based company" (sic); it is an international collection of people
developing good, free, secure computer software.