Soldiers Renege on Hackers
Subject:   It's obviously one more US-We do what we want in the world- reaction
Date:   2003-04-22 08:42:11
From:   anonymous2
Just to let some stupids guys comments here , US Military forces USES OpenBSD because itīs the most secure OS around.The conference (not a hacks simple meeting to drink beers!)had more enhancements to add to this fabulous OS (including with help of some native US developers programmers that works with Theo).But you know, actually US forces and governament pray to the world : Or you are my carpet or you are my enemy. They are so stupid that now they even can downgrade to a worst solution just to Say we don't use you OS anymooooreeee!.How foolish.But what let these guys crazy is that in fact OBSD project never needed US money and never will need in order to continue to exist and if any more money is needed , I think there are a role bunch of Countries, how would like to help this great project instead of beeing looking after Saddam, Osama , Woolie , Elvis and etc...