Soldiers Renege on Hackers
Subject:   US don't keep up their promises (Do they at least once make it ?)
Date:   2003-04-23 10:56:22
From:   anonymous2
What is beeing missing here is that OpenBSD doesn't need DARPA funds to keep running, the problem is that there was a conference already setted ,including confirmed by UPENN that would handle part of the costs and that runned away , letting half-world with tha paints in the hands.(60 programmers from all over the world that had already bought air tickets , to help systems (including many US govs and militaries ones) get even more secure). It was a promise that was broken(so to speak, one more promise that in not fulfilled by US gov). I think we should start to do the same with US and stop maintaining their little glass dome!!. And remember : who remain silent ,concents!