Weblog:   Orlowski Slams O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference
Subject:   The Horse's Mouth
Date:   2003-04-24 01:14:22
From:   anonymous2
Tim, I am the deeply offended speaker...

I corresponded by email with Andrew, and agreed that he could use my experience as background. He's a journalist and has used it as he sees fit. That is fine with me.

Whatever the circumstances, I am glad that this has been raised, not because I'm personally offended, as I made clear to Andrew, and he made clear in his article, but because I genuinely feel that the conference agenda is seriously blinkered.

I had budgeted to attend this year's conference, and my rejection made no difference to that. But after many attempts I could just not find anything remotely interesting in the agenda, at least not to justify the journey from Europe.

O'Reilly are to be congratulated for championing new technology and especially for going beyond the tech into the social context. But there is, I'm sorry to say, a certain aura of smug self-congratulation at present, and I would hope that the organistation team will get a bit of fresh thinking next year. Involve Asia. Involve Europe. Involve Africa. Think, er, different.

From my personal point of view, following early enthusiastic exchanges I was surprised to receive 3 months later a categoric rejection, and even more surprised that ny follow up email, politely asking for a little more feedback, was totally ignored. I spent some time & thought on my planned presentation, and it is unfortunate that this does not entitle me to at least a little respect.

Finally, the total disappearence of the mobile telephony side of things, despite strong presentations last year, was to be very surprising.

I have no idea at all what goes on behind the scenes, but Andrew may have a better idea as an investigative journalist. I imagine that you find The Register's style amusing and incisive - when it goes against yoy you just have to roll with it.

Enjoy the conference
David Mantripp

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