Weblog:   Orlowski Slams O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference
Subject:   The Horse's Mouth
Date:   2003-04-24 08:53:02
From:   timoreilly
Response to: The Horse's Mouth

I apologize if there was some failure in communication. FWIW, I would agree that what's happening on the mobile telephony side of things (including MMS) is indeed very interesting, and could well be a major subject for this conference. It could have been this year, and could certainly be next year.

That being said, the conference organizers look at the range of submissions, and how they relate to the conference themes, and try to arrange them to illuminate particular emergent themes.

I'm sorry you didn't find anything interesting in the themes that were chosen. Obviously, over five hundred others did.

I have no issue with your disappointment in not being chosen, or even your criticisms that the conference organizers might have missed something important. My beef with Andrew was that he reported your complaints as fact, without talking to the conference organizers, and then used them as a launching point for an offensive personal attack on Clay Shirky. I would think that you too would be offended to be used in such a fashion, as grist for some kind of grudge match.

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