Weblog:   Orlowski Slams O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference
Subject:   Blog Mafia?
Date:   2003-04-24 18:16:28
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Blog Mafia?

Really, Tim, do you dismiss all criticism as "another great troll" now?? BTW, I never got to Clay's "social software summit", and have not read Shelley Powers'critique. So, sorry, no cigar. Got a reference?

As far as stirring the pot is concerned: Even your pot needs stirring now and again. Get used to it.

What I find ironic is how much Orlowski's screed has irked you. When that kind of thing happens, I tend to figure that something hit home. While I like most of the O'Reilly Assoc. crowd, sometimes people seem to get a little full of themselves.

Yes, I'm in a bad mood. I was supposed to come to ETC for the Expo and my work wouldn't let me. *pout* Also, I'm posting anonymously because I don't want to bother with signing up and logging in.

Besides, you have a tendency to quote people on your site and in your blog without notice or the courtesy of a link back. While this is not illegal, it is discourteous. At least posting anonymously I won't expect anything of the sort.