Python and Apache
Subject:   please: take 2 days to learn python and use mod_python
Date:   2003-04-28 00:41:02
From:   anonymous2
Really embarassing. But, of course, not everybody can know every programming language.
But then you had better asked someone else to assist you in Python/Apache integration.

BTW: Creating a working script in 1 hour is excellent. It is ugly, but it is working.
Maybe your comments should only have been:
"I created a working script in one hour, wow!
I'm sure there's a much more pythonic way
to to it, but it least it is working."

Please, take one or 2 days and read a Python tutorial:
Python is programming made easy and fun!

I've been developing software for twenty years now.
From basic to forth and assembler
to pascal and c and c++ and java
(and lisp, on the university).
I tried perl once. It is powerful, but
very hard to learn (basically because of the odd syntax).
Making some simple modifications in a simple script ( user authentication) took me several days!
Then I discovered Python. It's been the first time since my first Sinclair Basic programs (thanks, Sir Clive!) that learning a new programming language was really fun!
It has all those little features that you ever dreamed of as a programmer.

If you had known Python earlier than Perl,
do you think you would have learned it?
I don't think so. After 4 hours (hint: never use less than half a day for playing around with a new programming language) I'm pretty sure you would have thought:
* Why is Perl so cryptic where Python is so clean?
* Why do I have to use braces?
* Hmm, the available libraries are almost the same as in Python.

I hope that universities will use Python in programming education more and more.

Henning von Bargen