Python and Apache
Subject:   Comment on annoyed Python enthusiasts
Date:   2003-04-28 16:06:21
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Comment on annoyed Python enthusiasts

Peter wrote:

"My comments were intended, as I said, for people who have not yet decided on a computer language. It might help them to point out what we perceive as the pros and cons of the languages we talk about."

I hope you will take the time needed to be able to actaully give such suggestions, and then update this article. Maybe it would be good for the next edition of your book. Python is certainly a poor implementation of Perl if that's what you are after, but it has other qualities.

Even if it's very easy to learn (particuarly for people who haven't gotten used to Perl ;) it will naturally take a little time to get proficient. Imagine someone trying to teach people Perl after an hour or so of exposure to the language... :)