Objective-C: Dynamite!
Subject:   Interesting. But practical?
Date:   2003-04-29 10:47:08
From:   anonymous2
There are a lot of programming languages, each with their adherents and benefits. But for me, the most important question is "what can I do with it?"

Suppose I wanted to try out Objective-C; how could I do it? I use Windows, and Objective-C is not available from Visual Studio. I suppose I could use gcc and WinMG or something, but can I actually make usable desktop applications with it?

What kind of Objective-C toolkits are available for Windows development? Are there source code repositories? If I run into problems, are there newsgroups or web sites I can get answers?

To me, the most important feature of a language is how fast I can make a complete, working application. C++ may not be the best programming language, but it is well-supported by companies and enthusiasts. There is a wealth of existing C++ code and solutions.

I can make a working desktop C++ application in minutes. Can I do that with Objective-C?

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  1. Interesting. But practical?
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  2. Interesting. But practical?
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  3. Interesting. But practical?
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