Apple Brings Good Karma to Online Music
Subject:   Great but !
Date:   2003-04-29 23:36:06
From:   eableson
Response to: Great but !

An interesting side note here is that I suspect the problem lies less in the legal ramifications of the music industry, but rather in the tax implications of the various European nationalities. When I signed on (from France) I was able to get the service to work fine since I still have a US address credit card from when I lived there. The interesting part is that they properly identified the _county_ I live(d) in and charged me the appropriate sale tax as if I had made this purchase in a store in that county.

This is a first that I've seen in online commerce with the ability to tie into that many tax jurisdictions and work out the billing rates and remittance details. Dealing with the Euro market gets even more confusing since they have to decide whether to offer a separate store in Euros (and we won't get into the whole price disparity that comes from that or the remaining non-Euro currencies still out there) or just let people buy in US $ and work out conversion rates - but tax accountants _hate_ that.