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Subject:   Digital audio recorder?
Date:   2003-04-30 13:37:54
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Digital audio recorder?

I am also looking for very portable and reliable way to record audio. I would like to be able to store about 40 hrs. and not have it be too big (my 12" powerbook, while very portable, it is a little too big and too distracting for interviewees).

So I've been looking at devices like the Archos mp3 recorder (the one with the built in mic and audio in). It supposed to record mp3s and if I set the bit rate to 32 kbs (more than adequate for my purposes) I should be able to record for a very long time without having to stop and download to the computer (or worst yet, to change cassettes).

Does anyone have any experience with the Archos or similar mp3 recorder?

Wishing the new iPods could record.