Creating Richer Hyperlinks with JSP Custom Tags
Subject:   Why not have an example in the article?
Date:   2003-05-01 17:37:09
From:   amitgoel
Response to: Why not have an example in the article?

Joel, good point. I intended to do that all along, but in the end I decided not to. Reason being that the article is published as an HTML file, and for the hyperlinks to work properly, different HTML code needs to be generated for IE and NN browsers. If I provided HTML for IE, then NN users would not be able to see the working demo. I didn't want to put up an example unless I was sure it would render correctly for all readers. Besides, that would make O'Reilly's site look bad.

But now that you ask, I put a working demo on my website at: (for IE users) (for NN users)

Note that this is the HTML generated by the JSP, not the JSP itself. I don't do any JSP programming on my website. The JSP generates browser-specific HTML, so I captured outputs for IE and NN separately.

This should give you an idea of what my multi-destination links look like. The first multi-link has onmouseover set to true, the second one has it set to false. So for the second multi-link, you have to click on the dropdown icon to see the embedded hyperlinks.