Objective-C: Dynamite!
Subject:   Intelligent and well-informed
Date:   2003-05-02 07:41:55
From:   jdhouse4
Response to: Intelligent and well-informed

Coming from a background in Java and C++, Obj-C at first blush looked like Urdu. At a second glance, it looked like a bad dream. But after a bit of work getting over

-(id)methodName:(Class *) usingThis:(This *) andThisOneToo:(ThisToo *);

as a way of defining a method, it starts to make sense. With a sender-message looking like this,

[pokerPlayer raiseYou:bet giveCard:oldCards getCards: newCards];
(I don't play poker, so this is likely wrong, but...)

it becomes the easiest language in the world to read. Comments no longer have to explain everything, the method call itself can do allot of that.

You'll find in either AppKit or Foundation that the Class Interface files can be easy to understand. I just had to get past the odd appearance of Obj-C. For me, it has brought back some fun in app development.

I know Obj-C looks a bit strange. But if you really think about it, so did C++ or whatever language you first learned. The difference is that Obj-C will look more "normal" every day you use it until that one day comes when you are looking at C++ or whatever and you'll think that some idiot must have designed those languages to be hard to read, not easy to code.

Just my 2 worth.