Personal Security on Jaguar: The Secure Shell, Part 1
Subject:   SSH for mail
Date:   2003-05-02 16:09:37
From:   anonymous2
Response to: SSH for mail

You offer a good point: What will people have?

My intended audience is two-fold: First, it is the person that is in a computer profession like Web programmers, HTML taggers and the like that connect to multiple accounts and are likely to understand the need and have the access. The second target, is everyone (okay, I am dreaming a bit here) that has an email account.

In the case of the average user that has email but does not know FTP from STP (Std. Temp Pressure) is not as likely to have SSH capabilities. As you point out PGP might be a better option. SSL is an even better option as it requires less work. In an ideal world a person would use SSH or SSL with PGP to secure both their access as well as their data. PGP does not secure the username/password. So it is more of a complement, in my mind, than a substitute.

We can go on an on about security but if it is not available then it is not as useful. I hope that readers will find these tools more and more available.

Thanks for the reply.