Weblog: Saves my Day, Again
Subject:   Word 97 couldn't open a Word 97 file
Date:   2003-05-03 06:07:41
From:   arvedhs
I recall about five or so years ago when I prepared a resume with Word 97. I was getting asistance from a professional on resume preparation, and this was meant to be something that she could review. Well, _her_ copy of Word 97 couldn't even open the file.

I know the floppy was OK, because I took it back home, and I was again able to look at the document on _my_ machine.

This sort of blew me away...Word 97 not being able to even open a Word 97 document.

In the final analysis, going along with previous comments, you can just do some hard work and open a Word file with a text editor or a hex editor, and start looking through all the bloat for your critical text.