Subject:   "Castor JDO": Simply False Advertising
Date:   2003-05-04 19:59:40
From:   tomdavies
Response to: "Castor JDO": Simply False Advertising

You say:"Source and Bytecode enhancements are not ideas that the developer community will like very much". Why would people object to Bytecode enhancements?

If you think that building an ORM yourself is easy, then you probably don't understand all the things which a JDO implementation can do for you:

- transparency, due to persistence by reachability you don't need to explicitly make instances persistent.

- support for inheritence.

- management of relationships between instances, again transparently.

- caching.

I too have written a simple ORM, but I now use JDO extensively, and find that it saves a lot of effort.


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