Using OpenGL with VB.NET
Subject:   Traps
Date:   2003-05-06 00:24:41
From:   anonymous2
As an avid OpenGL AND C# (or VB.NET) programmer I would like to make two remarks:

1. Watch out for the 'OpenGL Thread'! When using a seperate thread things could go wrong: a) ALL the OpenGL code must be called on the SAME thread (OpenGL isn't multithreaded yet) and b) ALL the Window Form code must be called on the original (Form creating) thread.

2. (This is worse) the OnSizeChanged function calls itself... stack overflow is bound to follow; I guess (as it should) that the code had to be MyBase.OnSizeChanged(e) instead of Me.OnSizeChanged(e)

Happy Coding!

PS: I'm still wondering why CSGL changed to TAO... did it?

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