Goodbye PDA, Hello iPod?
Subject:   Excellent!
Date:   2003-05-06 14:28:29
From:   morbus
After finally deciding I "needed" a PDA (the sole desire being to carry about large lists of information to compare whilst shopping), and getting heartfully discouraged by the sheer selection and time I'd need to invest to make the "right choice", I happenstanced upon the new iPod's note feature. Which was, as they say, exactly what I needed. I didn't want wireless. I didn't want to install new programs. I didn't want an OS or a stylus. I wanted an electronic list. Further exploration with the calendar capability solidified it - now, I could carry around lists of DVD release dates too. Wonderful!

This article was very timely for me - here's hoping I get my new iPod far before the "on or before May 12th" date. Much as you linked to the PDF on the notes, I had seen that a few days ago, and have already started creating "theatre showtime to iPod" conversion scripts. Thanks from a fellow O'Reilly author (happily enough, Mac OS X Hacks, advertised midway through).

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