Client/Server Rendezvous on the LAN
Subject:   OpenSLP, Apple Rendezvous, et. al.
Date:   2003-05-06 18:43:49
From:   arithex
Thanks for the tips on OpenSLP and Apple Rendezvous, folks -- these technologies are outside my limited Windows-centric experience, so of course I failed to mention them.

But still, I'm not quite convinced -- what features/benefits do they bring to the table, that simple IGMP multicasting doesn't provide?

Reinventing the wheel is almost always a bad thing, but would I really be able to reuse either of those wheels with less code than in Listing 1? And without any awkward runtime dependencies or license-baggage?

The point of this article is that everything you need to accomplish simple client/server rendezvous on the LAN is provided with .NET, out of the box.

Open Source? Heck, Listing1.cs is public domain!