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  What's New in Windows Server 2003
Subject:   HTTPD in Kernel - Apache?
Date:   2003-05-07 11:29:03
From:   anonymous2
The whole hoopla with embedding Internet Explorer into Windows is being repeated here. The way it is now, even if you want to use a non-IE web browser, you still incur the cost of Internet Explorer being in the system.

So, now they're saying the same thing about web servers. Even if you want to use Apache or something else, you still incur the cost of Microsoft's web server being embedded in the operating system.

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  1. HTTPD in Kernel - Apache?
    2003-05-08 10:31:25  tpherndon [View]

    • HTTPD in Kernel - Apache?
      2003-10-30 20:32:24  anonymous2 [View]

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