Buy Where You Shop
Subject:   Buy where you shop intro
Date:   2003-05-07 14:40:46
From:   anonymous2
Just read through this, and it made me want to get another opinion on the whole B&N phenomenon, where there are clearly people who go there to read books and lounge around in the chairs for hours, with no intention of buying anything. I often see people in there writing notes as if preparing a report, using it as a library. It is really quite appalling if you think about it. I've got no problem with browsing a book for a few minutes to see if it suits your needs, but this is clearly over the top. When the Computer literacy chain in Silicon Valley got sucked up, I was depressed. I've since discovered San Diego technical Books since I moved to San Diego, and will do what I can to keep them going.


The path to a desireable destination is often more difficult than the path to stay where you are.