Weblog:   The Skill of Writing
Subject:   source of quote ..
Date:   2003-05-07 20:02:23
From:   anonymous2
"The skill of writing is to provide a context in which other people can think"

Edwin Schlossberg, "For My Father". ed. John Brockman, "About Bateson: essays on Gregory Bateson" (New York: Dutton, 1977), 157.
ISBN 0-525-47469-2 Library Congress: GN21.B383A65 1977

Another interesting Schlossberg variant ...
"Museums and public places provide a context for audiences to develop"

Edwin Schlossberg, "Interactive Excellence: defining and developing new standards for the twenty-first century", Library of Contemporary thought (Ballatine Publishing Group: New York, 1998) 36. ISBN 0-345-42371-2 Library Congress: NX220.S36 1998

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