More Cocoa, More Stuff: Results from the Mac DevCenter Survey
Subject:   QuickTime Hacks
Date:   2003-05-09 00:41:03
From:   jannenet
Response to: QuickTime Hacks

As a eLearning designer I would like to see how one can use QuickTime in multimedia (like SMIL) and in interactive application (like VR). There's so much more than just a Internet. Especially there's a huge lack of decent Java/QuickTime book for Mac OS X.

Digital Video is the future. But DV isn't just a digitalized video. It's also interactivity. And for that we need programming and scripting.

I think we will see real killer applications when those people who do not know anything about the programming start doing interactive video and multimedia. QuickTime is platform that can provide the bridge between programmers and non-programmers (whoever they will be).