Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X, Part 4
Subject:   Message 403 Forbidden and no authentication.
Date:   2003-05-09 02:55:36
From:   anonymous2
Message 403 Forbidden and no authentication.

I believe I have followed this article to a T. I have set up my .htaccess file exactly as like this:
AuthName "TEST PAGE"
AuthType Basic
AuthUserFile /Library/WebServer/.htpasswd

require user brad john (I have also tried require valid-user)

it is nested inside /Library/WebServer/Documents/test
test is a folder I created to test whether this would work inside test is a html file called test.html.

I have changed the httpd.conf file in /etc/httpd so that the AllowOverride to read:

AllowOverride All

I placed my .htpasswd file inside /Library/WebServer/
the .htpasswd file lists john and brad and their encrypted passwords. I checked to see if the auth_module was set to load and it is.
So with all this i get a message saying:
You don't have permission to access /test/test.html on this server and no authentication box will drop down. If i remove the .htaccess file from /Library/WebServer/Documents/test I have no problem accessing the test.html page.
So what do I have going wrong here is it a file permissions problem any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh it is worth mentioning that I am running OS X 10.2.5 (I really hope that apple didn't disable some part of Apache so you have to go and get X Server)