Goodbye PDA, Hello iPod?
Subject:   Why not?
Date:   2003-05-09 13:48:25
From:   anonymous2
Funny thing that this article came out as soon as I decided to dump my Palm. Yes sounds crazy after years of owning pda's, but I was getting tired of carrying (and remembering) so many gadgets.

I use iPodit with Entourage and it syncs everything including news, weather and icals. 95% of the time I'm just viewing my info for the day and if I need to input info I usually use my cell phone calendar or write an email from the office to home. I only carry 2 devices now and my jacket is lighter!

It gets the job done for myself, of course not for everyone. But I don't want to buy a Zire to input info and carry another device b/c it's cheap to do so. I love my ipod and with so much space why not carry other stuff. I wish there were some games though to download and install!