Goodbye PDA, Hello iPod?
Subject:   My iPod Life
Date:   2003-05-09 20:55:25
From:   anonymous2
One of the stupid things about our modern tech stuff is fumbling around for all those things: cell phone, PDA, iPod, cd/tape/MD, oh yeah, laptop ad infinitum.
Hey, I'm just as geeky as the next person (here) but I hate all the tiny luggage. I don't hate this stuff without trying it...
I carried an Emate as my main portable for 2 years (and a
Newton100 before that).So after I sold that off, I decided I'd wait until something better came along.
For me, Cellphones suck and drain bank accounts. I can't even stand to wear a watch. But for about a year and half
I've been using an ipod for data, contacts, and "tech tools" and -wow, around 600 songs from my 18 gig song library (Blues, Zappa, Dylan and Beck get a fair amount of random airplay in my head).
Aside from having to actually sync stuff regularly (I do
it at my bequest, iSync needs tweaking a bit) and remembering to charge it up, the ipod has served me well
so far.
I know some folks ( I see them on the subway) enjoy poking
at something on their Palms and ipaq things, but after
knowing what these are and what the Newton was...yeesh
depression. (ipaq users, check out Mochaworks..ditch the MS) I digress, 98% of what I need (offline) access to is in my iPod - as well as Sea Change, and Roxy and Elsewhere.
For me, Less is discretely more.