10 Reasons We Need Java 3.0
Subject:   Perfect way to clean up:
Date:   2003-05-12 08:19:17
From:   anonymous2
I think, sun should drop all deprecated shit from their language in 3.0, but the java virtual machine should be able, to automatically convert "old" code to new code. I think, this conversion algorithm can take place in the situation, where fields are not found and some internal exception would be thrown instead. They could just lookup the value, those field had formerly. The read class files, but now they are able to alter "old style" class files to new ones.

Triing this, old code in .class-files would still be able to run, but not to compile. Compiling it again needs to change it.

The proposed changes should be listened on their homepage, and the compiler should be made able to give a link to the change, or to actually propose a change.

thanx for your audience.