Apache Web-Serving With Mac OS X, Part 5
Subject:   weird stuff!!!
Date:   2003-05-14 06:41:59
From:   anonymous2
I have today installed and configured apache, php, shtml, phpmyadmin, mysql, tomcat and everything was working like a charm (I thought). I made accounts and set it up so that only I and a friend of mine could log in on our sites and edit them and stuff....he got his own account and I had mine....well...ofcourse for a real newbie as I am I was jumping in the air and waving my hands and I was telling everybody how great I am (newbie stuff....).
Ofcourse....this didn't take a long time...I restarted again the apache server for the last time just to see if everything would still work (and they all really did before!) and I just wanted to restart my computer also....and now the socket thing of the mysql is wrong in some way.
I pico'ed the error file in the mysql/data and as expected there was something wrong with the port number.....OR I had 2 mysql's running sort of.
Now I found that in my /usr/local/ there is a mysql but also in the /Library/MySQL....what is this last one? How did it get there? I'm kindof sure that I didn't put it there...could that be the problem?
Hope someone can help...or maybe I could just change the port of the mysql database....but how?
I know most people would say....just remove everything and try again....but I can't I also have my normal work that I gotta do so I'm doing this in every second that I have some spare time...and to remove everything...well...then it would be safer to format my computer and install a fresh OS again...I guess....
Long me!


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