Hack:   The NoCat Night Light
Subject:   Lamp posts
Date:   2003-05-14 11:49:52
From:   anonymous2
Response to: Lamp posts

Sure, it's a reasonable idea - that's why it was done close to 10 years ago by Ricochet. (It turns out that they were originally trying to provide a self-organizing net of sensors to monitor power levels, to save money for the utility, and then turned around and marketed the data service; a $400 or so modem that got you about 128k bps, so expensive by todays standards.) One issue is that you have to actually have power *all* the time on the light socket - some of them are "bank switched" rather than having local photocells. (Also, in the ricochet model you didn't need ethernet to *all* of them, just some of them, and the rest would do local wireless hops to the one with the outside connection.)


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